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Event Photography

High Quality Corporate Event Photography.

Our corporate event photography services enable you to record your event in a series of high quality images. Whether you are looking to follow on with a press release, produce content for your website and/or social media or if you simply want a few pictures to preserve the memories, we can help. We have experience of providing images for newspapers and magazines as well as other marketing channels and can often offer a quick turnaround service if you need it. Our service is bespoke, so we make sure to get the images that you tell us you want.

Event photography - guest speaker
Event photography – guest speaker

Do you have a product launch coming up? Is your business celebrating a milestone? These are great opportunities to create press releases to publicise your product or services. An essential element of a press release is a set of good images. Increase your chances of being published by using our corporate event photography services. We also photograph business network meetings and other events. If you’re having a special guest speaker, make sure you can tell the world about it with good images. Please get in touch and let us know what you need us to do for you.

Event photography - networking
Event photography – networking

“Joe really captures the atmosphere of our events – people animated in lively conversations, the inspiring venues and the content of the speakers’s presentations. He’s so unobtrusive, people almost don’t know he’s there! His method of working is highly professional and he takes great care in preparing for the event, visiting the venue, understanding the brief and contributing his ideas. He quickly turns around the pictures we need for post event marketing, contributing himself to posting pictures on social media. He’s a great creative collaborator!” Lucy Marks (Managing Director, Norfolk Network)

Event photography - Q & A session
Event photography – Q & A session

Our approach is to tell the story of your event using pictures. We will look for opportunities to create images that give people a feel for what it would have been like to be there. From the food & drink to a guest speaker in action to lively group discussion, if it features in your event we will use it to tell your visual story.

Event photography - food & drink
Event photography – food & drink
Event photography - group discussion
Event photography – group discussion
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