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CGI Animation - Eye-catching videos for your website & social media

Our eyes naturally go towards movement. Video or animation can, therefore, be a powerful medium for businesses to use for marketing and advertising. CGI animation can take static objects and move them around in 3D space, holding the viewer’s interest. Logos, products and all sorts of other things can fly around at will to help tell the story of your product or service. For example, I created the first CGI animation below for a networking organisation based in Norfolk called Thrive. 

Thrive logo

Here is their original logo. The animation uses the brand colours and aspects of the logo as well as some dynamic animation. This helps the video to sit well with the rest of their marketing. The idea is to show how Thrive draws people to its community and then sends them out energised. So, it starts with the coloured spheres coming towards us, with the Thrive logo then revealed as what they are being drawn to. Then, we shine the spotlight on Thrive and finally observe as many spheres head off energised at speed.

CGI Special Effects

There are lots of different special effects available to you in CGI animation; from free floating objects to splashes and explosions, there are many creative possibilities. It is important to find the right effect to suit your brand. I don’t recommend special effects just for the sake of it. They can be useful ways to stand out when used appropriately.

Effects can have many uses. They can create a branded top and tail for your corporate videos. Or, they can provide extra interest for social media posts. You might find that a basic animation helps with presentations or product development. On a grander scale, CGI animations can be made into advertising videos to give a really polished visual asset.

The next clip shows splashes from animated liquid as a lipstick collides with it. This is a very short sample to show a little of what is possible. You can also see from the clip how realistic the fluids can be in computer generated sequences.

This next short simple video shows an explosion or shattering effect as a snooker cue hits the white ball:

CGI Animation as a Promotional Tool

The video below is a CGI animation that I created to promote the launch of the book “Doing Business Like a Grandmaster“. The book combines the worlds of chess and business, so I created a scene that allowed imagery from the two to overlap. As you can see, the chess pieces are based on symbols related to business. Initially they fly around freely before settling on to a chess board. This helps the viewer to connect with the symbols before they are translated more obviously into the world of chess. The video also has a dynamic sound track to engage the viewer and to create a mood for the scene. 

Book cover that the CGI Animation is based on

Animation isn’t the only CGI service on offer – take a look at CGI product modelling if you would like an alternative to product photography. It is a great way to get a really clean look for things like cosmetics – see my CGI perfume portfolio for more examples.

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