360 Jewellery Photography

When making expensive purchases on high end items such as jewellery, customers like to be able to examine the product more carefully. 360 jewellery photography enables you to give a better buyer experience by showing your products from a variety of angles. It gives an online experience that is a little like turning the item in your hand. For some pieces, a full rotation may not be the best option. You may want to keep the focus on the front part of a pendant, for example, rather than spin it all the way round. In the second example below, you can see what this might look like. The smaller rotation still offers benefits as it shows the piece catching the light from multiple angles and gives the diamonds more of a sparkle than a still image.

Movement from animations and videos helps to draw the eye. We find our attention pulled towards movement, so this is a powerful way of directing the viewer on your website. With interactive 360 spins, such as the one below, you can even allow the customer to rotate it for themselves. You can’t get much closer to the experience of buying instore! 

Guitar Cufflink set on metal sheet

Interactive images increase the amount of time people spend on the page. They help the buyer to be more confident in their purchase as they feel that they have looked at the item themselves and not just been shown an animation. 

To find out more about animated options including partial rotations and 360 jewellery photography please get in touch. I also offer other 360 product photography and high quality catalogue and styled jewellery photography.

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