360 Product Photography

360 product photography is a great way to help customers to get more of a feel for your product when shopping online. It makes it possible to view from many different angles without having to have a large number of images onscreen. There are generally 2 ways that 360 product spins are used. Firstly, you can have an automatic rotation using a gif file. This is a bit like a short video clip. It shows the product rotating, like the image of sunglasses here. The other way is with an interactive 360 product view. This enables the viewer to stop the spin and change direction so is more interactive. Both types are valuable tools for increasing sales and keeping potential customers on your site for longer. 360 degree product spins work well alongside other types of more traditional product photography.

Take a look at a more interactive 360 image below. The image can spin in either direction. You can spin it manually and stop it at any point. You can view the image full screen by clicking the arrows in the top right corner. To zoom in tap or click once on the image. Click again to zoom out. This kind of interactive image is a very useful tool to enable customers to look more closely at a product and feel more engaged.

Mordaunt Short Hifi Speaker

Tap or click once to zoom in

Tap or click again to zoom out

Drag to rotate

(If the image is already full size on the screen then the zoom function will not work.)

360 product photography on black suits high end items. It helps them look more stylish than on white. Fashion items such as watches and jewellery are good candidates for 360 spins as they have different angles that the customer would like to explore. 

If you would like to show off your products more effectively and increase the likelihood of customers buying from you online then please do get in touch. We can have a no-obligation conversation about how 360 product photography could benefit your business.

Gold Watch on Black

180 Product Photography

180 Product Photography - Knife on black

As an alternative to a full 360 we can also do 180 rotations such as demonstrated with the knife here. In some cases this can suit the product better. 

Another option demonstrated in the knife spin is the ability to have “floating” spins. This is where objects appear to float in space rather than lay down on a flat surface. A reflection can be included as it is here. Or, it can be just the object itself.

360 product spins or 180 rotations can bring a dynamic, eye-catching new element to your website and social media presence. Let’s talk about how it could benefit your business.

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