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Architectural Photography Portfolio

Architectural Photography is not easy to do well. There are many potential pitfalls – see, for example, my post on why it is wise to hire a specialist architectural photographer. This means that we all too often see poor quality images that are potentially doing more harm than good. The hospitality industry relies on people choosing to book based on the images and information provided on the website. Architects and interior designers need property photography to show off their portfolio of previous work. Many businesses quite simply rely on people having a positive perception of their premises. This is where as a specialist I can help. You can convey the atmosphere you want through the right images. Create desire in potential customers by showing something that appeals to them. Get more bookings and more valuable enquiries when your images are more in line with your business aspirations.

Commercial Property Photography

Hotels & Bed and Breakfasts

View sample images to see how I can help you communicate a sense of luxury and welcome for your rooms

Restaurants & Bars

Convey a sense of the atmosphere of your bar and restaurant. Give a welcoming, luxurious feel that will make customers want to choose you

Offices, Workplaces & Meeting Rooms

Make the most out of these assets that businesses all too often forget to include in their marketing and story

Residential Property Photography

This gallery showcases some of my photography of residential properties. High quality images of homes are important for architects, builders and designers that specialise in residential work. Otherwise, how can potential customers see what you really do? I have provided architectural photography services for architects, designers, home owners and property development magazines.

Take a look at my residential property portfolio

Architectural Detail - Architectural Photography - Window Detail-2

Architectural Photography – Design Details

Photos of buildings are inevitably going to cover aspects of architecture. You will see evidence of this in the other images in this portfolio. Yet, at times architects require shots that pick out particular details that they wish to draw attention to. This may be for aesthetic or ecological reasons, for example. It might be to show the relationship between the building and its surroundings or the materials it is made of. This portfolio contains images that fall into these categories.

Windmill Suffolk twilight exterior photo


Both residential & commercial buildings require high quality shots of the exterior to do justice to the site. My years of experience in landscape photography (including winning numerous international awards) help me to produce images of outdoor aspects with impact. Your property can be photographed by day or (if appropriate) by night. In addition to conventional photos I can also offer more artistic renditions if you wish.

Property Photography - Public Buildings-5

Public Buildings & Other Property

This category includes churches, landmarks and other public buildings. Images like these can help to advertise for tourism, for example. I have also undertaken shoots of interiors and exteriors of old churches for the Diocese of Norwich to use in their magazines and publicity. If your property is private but open to the public then you may wish to advertise it with some strong, impactful images.

I am a specialist in interior & architectural photography qualified as an Associate of The Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers

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