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Not Just for Telling the Time

Watch photography isn’t just about showing the product; it also falls very much into the category of fashion photography. Most people carry a mobile phone around with them and one function that it performs is telling us the time. So, why do people still buy watches? One reason might well be convenience and speed. It is quicker and easier to check the watch on your wrist than to get your phone out. But an important thing to realise is that a watch is a fashion item, an accessory that sends out a message about us. So, a watch photographer needs to make the most of the look of a watch and any lifestyle associations that might come with it. 

Award-winning Limit Watch image - 2023 Finalist
Skeleton Watch with pebbles and water

The Skeleton Watch above is made from wood, so it might appeal to those who like nature and natural materials and textures. The hints of moving water also point to an active outdoor life. By contrast, simplicity and a minimalist stylish approach complement the Steltman watch below.

High key watch photography sample shot - Ladies Steltman watch on white

The use of light and the context of the shot can help to create a feel of luxury and exclusivity. Fashion is about choosing to associate with a particular look and aspiring to a lifestyle that goes with it. So, as an advertising photographer, I seek to understand what those aspirational goals and characteristics might be and create images that tap into them. People connect more easily with pictures that evoke a mood. It is important to highlight key features of the watch, of course. But, packshots are often best left until the buying stage of an E-commerce site. A styled, well-lit photo is more likely to ignite desire and interest in considering a purchase.

Watch photography evoking luxury with sophisticated lighting on mens watch
Jewellery Photography Sample Image - Close up of watch on tile background
Spirit Mens Watch on a branch
Steltman Ladies Bracelet Watch - stylised image with geometric shapes

Styling Watches for Advertising

The hero of the image has to be the watch. But the other elements also play an important supporting role. From choice of colour and angle to the amount of the product that is illuminated, every aspect helps craft a story for the viewer. Sometimes these might be symbolic elements such as stone or metal for strength and permanence, for example. Or, we might include more obvious objects in the scene that tell more of that lifestyle story.

Accurist Men's Watch with concrete shapes
Mens watch with stones - close up watch photography
Limit ladies' watch set with necklace & bracelet
Vision & Time Skeleton Watch with cogs - sample watch photography for advertising
Watch on wooden surface - soft lighting
Spirit Men's watch lifestyle image with sunglasses and phone

From contextual lifestyle shots to close ups of details, there are plenty of options for showing off your watches. I also offer packshot photography for ecommerce listings. When selling products that are not just a necessity but an investment in how someone wants to be perceived, the quality and message of the images needs to be at the right level. I can create the kind of refined lighting associated with luxury jewellery photography. The right photography can even make cheap items look expensive! Finally, your images will be retouched to professional advertising standards for a clean, sophisticated look. 

Ladies Sekonda Watch with wavy background
Ladies watch packshot photo Limit 1912
Sekonda Ladies Watch styled with paper scrolls & textured card - award-winning image

Award-Winning Watch Photographer

For a creative, eye-catching approach to watch photography, please do get in touch. We can have a no-obligation conversation to discover how I can help you to sell more with enticing images. Inventive images are powerful tools for social media. They can stop people scrolling by and generate interest. I can help you create all the visual assets needed to sell watches – from packshots to high end advertising. I am a watch photographer that you can put your confidence in – I hold a Fellowship qualification in product photography and have won many awards in international competitions. Indeed, some of the images on this page have won awards.

Award-winning monochrome image of Ladies' Sekonda watch styled on card

“Absolutely incredible photographer, would highly recommend! Joe worked on some photographs for my companies watches, and he absolutely blew my expectations, the professionalism, speed of work and quality were all perfect. He was able to add so much value to the watches through incredible photography ability. Having seen his other work it’s clear this is the same for a vast range of tasks and products. Every photo was better than I could’ve imagined with a great variety, he has a very creative mind.”

Tom Hindle, Founding Director at Vision & Time

Close up angled view of watch face

Find out how I could help your business to sell more with high quality watch photography:

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