3D Product Animation

Short videos can be a great way to connect with customers. You can show more than would be possible with a single still image.  A 3D product animation can show different angles and highlight a variety of features to increase your customers’ connection with your product. Advertising videos aren’t just for TV – they can be very effective across a variety of platforms, including on your social media and website. The animation below uses lighting techniques common for high end products and draws on cinematic videography to create a moody feel.

The next video has a very different approach. Here we are showing off the product features from a distance, allowing the viewer to see everything at once. In a very short animation such as this we don’t necessarily have go change the camera angle. The scene is simple so that the main product keeps our attention. It also uses a natural colour palette in keeping with the branding ethos of the company.

3d product animations can use movement in a variety of ways. In contrast to the watch video above, the lighting in the sequence below is very simple. The overall scene uses harmonious colours too. The interest comes from the movement of the object. By moving closer to and further away from the subject we can create a real sense of depth even if there are no shadows on the background.

The next video was modelled on an old wah wah pedal by Morley. It combines various techniques including moody lighting and movement. This kind of CGI product animation can be extended to a longer format more like a TV advertisement. Or, a short video such as this one can work well embedded in a website to show off your products in a more dynamic way.

Product Development & Product Launches

Unique Advantages of 3D Product Animations using CGI

3D product animations created using CGI software have an advantage over other types of video – the product doesn’t have to exist yet! So, if you are still in product development phases and may wish to find new ways of attracting funding to move forwards, a 3D animation allows you to create a compelling visual aid for your presentations. CGI product modelling is possible before the physical product is available.

Anticipating New Products

Teaser videos showing aspects of a soon to be released product can be an effective way to increase interest and collect pre-orders. Your 3D product animation will be a powerful addition to your promotional assets. It brings a fresh way to communicate your brand to potential clients as well as existing customers. 

Cost of 3D Product Animation

The cost is based on the complexity of modelling the product and creating the animation sequence. As such, all projects are priced according to the customer’s needs. We will, of course, optimise your video for the display requirements (e.g. full-screen, thumbnail on a web-page, etc.). Large, high resolution videos may incur additional rendering costs. You can find out more about working with a CGI artist *here*. For an indicative price or a quotation please do get in touch with your project details.

We can also combine CGI photography still images or traditional product photography into a package for you to give you a complete set of advertising/marketing assets. Having a consistently high standard of visuals helps your brand to look high end and attract the right people. 

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