Professional Image Audit for Your Business

Burning Money - get an image audit to make sure you do not waste cash

Are you Wasting Money?

How confident are you that all your images are doing the right job for you? An image audit will help you to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of your pictures. Bad images are bad for business. Don’t risk undermining your brand and selling yourself short. Identify ways of communicating that could tell your story more effectively. Strengthen your marketing and advertising to attract more customers. Make your products enticing to buyers. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words – make sure that they are working powerfully in your favour.

Images are vital for:

Speed of Communication
Our brains process images far quicker than text. What do you want the first impression of your business to be? Are people going to make rapid false assumptions based on your images? Will the images draw them into the text?
Lasting Impact
We remember images for much longer and much more clearly than text. Your first impression is going to last - is it the right one?
Emotional Connection
Tapping into the emotions is more effective than rational reasons for buying. We can tell a story that they can see themselves joining and benefiting from
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Why Have an Image Audit?

Quite simply, a professional image audit will help you to feel more confident in how your brand is perceived and how you spend your money. It will give you a firm basis for creating future content from web pages to social posts to full-blown adverts.

  • Discover and deal with potentially weak links in your marketing
  • Be more consistent and credible to potential customers
  • Increase trust in your brand
  • Stop wasting money buying or commissioning ineffective content
  • Create clear guidelines for evaluating future images
  • Gain expert insights into what makes an effective image
Text image saying - Dangers of Using Stock Photography - Generic Image

Blog posts, web pages, social media posts and printed marketing or advertising materials all need images. However, if you are currently just seeing them as a box to fill then you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Would you like people to think of your business as generic, predictable, just another…? While stock images can have their place, they can also be risky at times.

Like all other content, images need purpose and goals to function well and increase revenue. An image audit will help you to define the aims behind your images and make sure that they are working hard to earn you money.

For just £150 I can provide you with your own personal image audit. We will look at a selection of images from each stream of your marketing and advertising and assess their effectiveness. You will receive:

  • An assessment of your images against their purpose
  • Criteria for you to use to evaluate images
  • Suggestions for images to enhance your brand
  • SEO tips for maximising your website images 
  • Advice to ensure your images are optimised
  • Up to the full cost of your image audit back as a discount on photography services

Where possible this will be provided via either a face-to-face or online video meeting, otherwise by email/phone.

Get in touch today to book your session:

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