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Business headshots and business portraits are a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. Whether it is your own personal brand or that of your business or organisation, headshots are far from just being a “necessary evil”. They are an opportunity to position yourself in people’s minds before they have even met you. Indeed, your profile image is likely to be the first time people encounter you nowadays. Colour schemes, superimposed graphics and more can all contribute to the impression you leave through your profile photo. While some may go for a plain white background, you can stand out with your corporate colours or location, for example.

"The great thing about working with those who are supremely talented and professional in every detail is that they make it all look effortlessly easy. Joe is a master of his art and demonstrates these enviable qualities time and again. Quite simply, look no further."
Colin McLean Presentation Works Headshot
Colin McLean
Presentation Works
Indoor Location Headshot
Outdoor location branded headshot at Centrum Norwich Research Park

Headshots For Actors

Actors looking for specific types of roles can benefit from headshots styled to reflect their target character. I can shoot headshots for actors in the studio, outdoors or on location. We can do something very simple, or use lighting and effects to create something different. I offer creative Photoshop editing as well as professional retouching services to give you high quality images that can help to catch the casting director’s eye.

Business Headshots

I can offer helpful advice at every stage to ensure you get the images you want. I understand that many people find having their photo taken difficult and that you may be short of time. So, I will help put you at ease so that you look your best and I will work quickly so that you don’t waste valuable time.

"I was concerned about having professional headshots - should not have been! Joe, was a consummate professional who made me feel very relaxed. We had a variety of poses and even a costume (shirt!) change. Used on social media so far and have literally dozens of compliments, thank you Joe."

Click any image to view it larger. This will also open a lightbox where you can flick between the various images in the gallery:

On Location or in the Studio

Headshots and portrait photos can be taken in the studio or on location. With portable lighting equipment we can achieve studio quality lighting in an office or elsewhere. This gives flexibility of choice for location to maximise the potential for your brand. Colours can be added during the shoot or afterwards. Graphics and other elements can be superimposed using Photoshop. All profile pictures are fully professionally retouched to the highest standards. I supply files both high and low resolution formats so that you have images suitable for rapid loading online and for high quality printing as well.

The 2 images below show examples of applying aspects of branding in different ways to business portraits. The first is of one of the members of staff from the office at The Three Musketeers in Suffolk. It makes use of their branded crates that were in the yard outside. The second features a farmer in a field of onions, showing him in his natural environment.

These 3 images are examples of highly stylised branded portraits of members of the team at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce:

Each image uses a combination of their brand colours and each person is styled according to their own specific avatar. They also wanted a group team image but for practical reasons we couldn’t get everyone standing together. So, the team shot is a composite image that combines the individual headshots.

The Norfolk Chambers of Commerce Team Jan 2022

Need Help?

Choosing which photographer to use for your business portraits can be difficult. I may or may not be the right fit for you. To help you decide I have written an article on How to Choose Your Headshot Photographer. This will help you to work out what you need to get from your session and how to decide who is best to provide that for you. Whether you are after business portraits or actor headshots, simple or highly stylised I would love to hear from you and discuss how I might be able to help you get the images you want.


I am a qualified Associate of the SWPP specialising in location portrait images

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