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Professional product photography is essential for building a successful sales campaign. High quality, carefully crafted images make it easier for your potential customers to notice your products and make the decision to buy. You’ve invested a lot of time and money designing the products themselves and their packaging. So, don’t risk falling at the last hurdle by using poor quality photos to advertise and market them. Instead, increase the customer’s perception of value by presenting your products in a creative and eye-catching way that makes the price seem a bargain. First impressions count. Make sure your products look enticing and use images that are powerful sales tools, persuading customers to part with their cash.

Porsche Steering Wheel product photography sample image

Specialist Creative Product Photographer

How am I different from other professional product photographers? Firstly, I hold a Fellowship in product photography from the Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers (SICIP). Just a handful of photographers worldwide hold a Fellowship with the SICIP and even fewer are qualified product photographers. Fellowship titles are peer awarded distinctions that highlight the very best in photography technique and artistry. Secondly, I am also trained to postgraduate level in understanding how communication and interpretation function, including across cultures. So, I can help you to communicate effectively with your target audience through the language of images.

I specialise in creating product advertising images that work as effective marketing and sales tools for businesses. Companies that have trusted me with their products include high end hi-fi, jewellery, luxury car parts and luxury food manufacturers. I have also worked with suppliers of fitness equipment, watches, award-winning drinks producers and others. Read some of my clients’ testimonials on my homepage or on the reviews page.

When you hire me you get more than just a product photographer – you get an experienced expert communicator with a strong understanding of business. I can craft images that appeal to your ideal demographic and increase sales. We can build a profile of who you want to attract and how we can connect with them. This can help us use appropriate social signals and lifestyle associations to convey your message. Moreover, I can perform an audit of your business’ advertising images to check they are all working hard for you.

Slendertone Evolve Abs belt product photography sample

Product Photography Services

The most important shots to get right are of course the key advertising shots (sometimes also known as “hero” shots). These are the ones that will be used the most to grab attention and prompt people to want to find out more. Whether you want to fill a page for a magazine ad, stop someone scrolling on social media or need a banner for your website, I can create visual assets to the specifications you need.

Specialist techniques can help make advertising shots more appealing and dynamic. This is the time to bring creative artistry together with your branding to formulate advertising photos with impact that will work across a range of media. My insights into visual communication theory help us to bring about the desired effects in the viewer. So, every aspect is tailor made to increase the effectiveness of your adverts. We will bring together colour theory and lifestyle associations along with other cultural insights and psychology to boost the success of your campaigns. 

Adidas Shower Gel Splash advertising image
Technic red nail varnish with splash
Molton Brown Hand Cream advertising image with splash

More than Just Photos

Advertising photography demands a good understanding of branding as well as advanced photography and retouching techniques. I will work with you to ensure that your final images are not just on brand, but contributing positively to advancing it. The images on this page and on the Advertising Photography page show a few samples of some of the kinds of things that I can produce. For example, liquids frozen as splashes can bring dynamism and add interest to makeup, beauty and other products. Some are single shots and others are composite images created in Photoshop. Other creative options such as CGI are also available. But, we won’t just use these tools for the sake of it. Rather, we will make sure that every part of the image is deliberately crafted to achieve the desired results. These aren’t “just photos” – they are powerful business assets and your full-time sales representatives.

Product Photography - Styled Shots

Styled product photography of a Slendertone abdominal toning belt
Engström Monica Pre-Amp stacked on black facing left
Slendertone abs belt and controller close up
Engström Monica Pre-Amp on a dark background

Styled product photography can cover a variety of bases, often overlapping with still life photography. It is more involved than basic packshots and tends to incorporate aspects of branding more clearly. A styled shot might be a lifestyle image or a more polished still life product shot that may overlap a little with advertising. It is a good opportunity to help position the product in the buyer’s mind. Associated colours, other items in shot and the lighting can all contribute to the overall feel. This helps buyers to get a good feel for your brand and to relate to it more readily. For example, the images for Slendertone and Engstrom above use more subtle lighting in a darker context for a more high end feel.

Booja-Booja salted caramel chocolate truffles styled product shot
Vinyl records boxed set catalogue photo-1
Slendertone Connect abs belt with controller and phone app
Vinyl records boxed set catalogue photo-2

Product Photography - Packshots & Catalogue Shots

Cufflink Photography - Personalised Gold Cufflinks

If you run an online shop or have brochures of your products then in addition to the “hero shots” for advertising you will need high quality catalogue shots for your listings. These are generally (although not always) on a white background in the style of big e-commerce retailers such as Amazon. I am happy to work within the requirements specified by these kinds of shopping sites.

Catalogue shots or “packshots” for ecommerce are designed to show the product clearly to enable the buyer to make their final decision. Some products may benefit from multiple shots to show different views. It is important for these images to look appealing, uncluttered and well edited. You don’t want customers leaving at the last hurdle because of dusty or dirty images that should have been professionally retouched. I provide a first class retouching service for your product images.

Packshots & E-Commerce Product Photographer

Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of the image. See more packshot photography here

Good product photography involves thinking about how to show the product off well. Even with packshots this need not mean that all items are photographed in exactly the same way. Sometimes it is useful to show the contents of a boxed set, for example (see the record boxed sets above). For some products it may help to show coloured LED lights functioning correctly (see the flash trigger above). It is rarely enough to have just one image to represent a product. Often it needs to be shown from several angles or in more than one state for the buyer to really understand it. This might be like the mobile red and black lighting unit above shown in operating mode and also ready to move. Find out more about this in my article on using the right image for the right job.

360 Degree Product Photography

Corkscrew on black background

Interactive 360 product photography is an ideal way for customers to interact with your products online. I can also produce automatically revolving images as video or Gif files. 360 shots can be done on white or black backgrounds. Other custom backgrounds may be available upon request. 360 jewellery photography is a great way to show the sparkle in gemstones.

CGI Product Modelling

CGI is a tool that can work well alongside product photography. It allows for very clean images with compositions that would be very hard to shoot. Good CGI product images need to be lit well so that they look realistic and appealing. They also need to be composed like any still shot to guide the eye and convey the right message. So, my skills as a product photographer help to ensure that any CGI pictures created for you will be eye-catching and look appealing.

To find out more about how this could benefit your business please visit the CGI Product Modelling page.

Make the Right Impression

You wouldn’t want a messy, dirty shop front. So, make sure that your online shop has clean, tidy images. Models, locations and styling can all be arranged as needed to create the right look. Whether you are after a standard on white catalogue look (packshot), something more eye-catching and dynamic, food photography or drink photography, get in touch and find out how we can help your business move forward and make more sales.

High Quality Product Photography Services

As an experienced freelance product photographer, I can help you to choose appropriate angles and styling for your products. Or, I can work to a brief as detailed by you or your marketing team. I also deliver the images retouched and ready to use, including at the pixel dimensions you need. Know that your products are in safe hands by hiring a professional with a proven track record. I am happy to shoot in the studio or on location depending on what is best for you.

Part of the booking process involves refining the brief. If you need help with this please do let me know or take a look at my article on how to write a photography brief. A clear brief makes it much easier to give a more accurate estimate and to plan a course of action. 

This page showcases a small part of my portfolio. If you would like to find out more about particular product photography services that I offer and see example images, please do visit the links on this page or use the menu at the top. For more images or more information about styles on offer, please do get in touch. You might also be interested in my award-winning product images gallery. Award Winning Product Photography

Guitar Photography - Red Les Paul with Marshall amp
Chocolate with splash background
Perfume - Killer Queen
Perfume & Aftershave
Skeleton Watch
Jewellery Photography Sample Image - Ear Studs
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