Commercial Photography for Your Business

Commercial Photography is a key part of your business’ marketing strategy. Keep yourself ahead of the competition and ensure you get noticed with high quality images. My bespoke service can help you realise your goals. I offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation to ascertain your needs. 

Property Photography & Architectural Photography

As a specialist in property photography & architectural photography I create images of the highest quality for showing off great design. Natural light and feature lighting are combined to form balanced images full of detail. Exposure blending, added fill-flash and other techniques are used to ensure that there are no unsightly underexposed shadows or overexposed highlights.

I am a qualified Associate of the Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers with a specialism in interiors.

Other Commercial Photography Services:

Argan Oil Advertising Photography Case Study Image -10
Product Photography
Food Photo Story - Duo of Lamb - adding sauce to beans and peas
Food Photography
Das Schwarze beer bottle next to German style Krug
Drinks Photography
Commercial Portraits - Andrew Lamb Headshot
Headshot & Portrait Photography
Manufacturing Process Photography for Creative Armoury-1
Industrial & Construction
Events & PR
Press Release for Norwich Door to Door

Supercharge your PR with targeted professional copy & images to bring your organisation to the attention of the media. Special package rates

Press & Photography Package - Nelson's Journey Purple

To ensure that your photographs are unique to you, I work with you to remain true to your branding and I won’t put your images on stock photo libraries. I specialise in creating images that reflect your unique brand. If you want generic studio shots then we can do that. But, I would encourage you to think along more creative lines to make the most of your business’ assets and stand out creatively. Whether simple headshots, product shots or images to give a local feel to your website, I can help you to communicate your brand and values to your customers.

All images are edited to high professional standards and presented in high and/or low resolution as requested. So you can confidently print your images large or keep them loading fast online. I am based in Norfolk, UK and am also happy to quote for work undertaken in different locations across the UK and further afield.

Quality Creative Craftsmanship

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