Create an Appetite for your products with Food Photography

Drizzling gravy over broad beans & peas

Food photography is about whetting the appetite. A successful food photo is one that makes the viewer want to eat the food (or drink the drink) in the image. This is true whether you are writing a recipe book, producing a website for a restaurant or advertising hand-made boutique sauces, for example. Both food and drink products need to look appealing. The styling also gives a feel of lifestyle and the market niche it belongs to. Some is intended to look very high end, whilst others might be aimed at those who like an organic, healthy lifestyle, for example. All my photos are created to tell the story that you want to convey. I will ensure that your brand is represented well and that the images are eye-catching.

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Chefs, restaurants and food magazines can use a food photo story to give an insight into how a dish is made. Images can cover aspects of preparation, cooking and presentation to tell the full story. Seeing how a dish comes together from its ingredients helps to engage the viewer more. Step by step images along with instructions can give people much more confidence when trying out recipes for themselves.

Creating an appetite and a sense of desire is even more important for non-essential luxury items. The styling and lighting help to set the scene and the expectations for the product. You can see more of this in action in my article on creative chocolate photography.

Whether you want help learning how to improve your own photos or you would like me to take care of things for you, please do get in touch by pressing the green button below. Let’s make them hungry and sell your food!

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