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Rathskeller bar area

Restaurants and bars are places that we go to for relaxation and enjoyment. We seek luxury food and drink as well as comfortable surroundings. Let future customers be in no doubt that you have carefully provided for their wants and needs in your restaurant and bar. Decor and ambience often plays a very important role in people’s decision when booking a restaurant or deciding which bar to go to. You’ve created a great space that is welcoming and homely so make sure that this is clear in your photos. Make their choice of where to go an easy one with high quality restaurant photography.

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Restaurant photography is all about selling the space and more importantly the feeling of being there. So, I work with all the design features of your restaurant including the lighting to make it feel welcoming and appealing. Textures of materials, colour palette and more all contribute to the overall feel. So, your images will be expertly shot and processed to create the ideal effect. This will help attract more customers to your premises.

If you want to show off your food to whet the appetite then I also undertake food  photography and drink photography. Together with images of your restaurant’s interior and exterior, staff portraits and some action shots in the kitchen we can put together the whole package of images needed to promote your business and keep you looking professional and build your brand.

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