Professional Jewellery Photographer

Selling high end items relies on creating the perception of luxury. Customers will naturally be discerning when spending larger some of money. So, fashion items such as jewellery need to be as appealing as possible. We don’t want anything to distract them or potentially put them off. So, I take great care in producing high quality jewellery photography that attracts attention. I also retouch carefully to give the best possible finish to your jewellery. As with any form of product photography, it is vital to create desire in the buyer and to keep the feel of your brand. Therefore, when selling valuable gold, silver, gemstone and diamonds only professional images will suffice. I have completed numerous photoshoots of all kinds of items – rings, necklaces, earrings and more. This kind of close up or “macro” photography isn’t easy, so let me take away the stress.

Limit 1912 ladies watch & jewellery set

Jewellery Photography for Catalogues & E-Commerce

I am experienced in creating images for printed catalogues and online retail. Below are just a few examples of the types of items I have worked with. My clients rely on these images to sell their products, so they trust me to create consistently high quality assets. Each jeweller has their own preferred styling to present the pieces and I am happy to work to a brief and brand guidelines. Whether you have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants or other items, I can photograph and retouch them to professional advertising standards.

Gold earrings with diamonds - sample jewelry photography
"I have worked with Joe now for most of this year. Photographing nearly 500 pieces of jewellery for us so far! Joe is so easy to work with, nothing is too much trouble and the photography standard is incredible!"
Gecko Jewellery Logo
Evangeline Cave
Gecko Jewellery
Fishhook earrings
Ear studs photography for Gecko Jewellery

Jewellery Lifestyle Photography Services

As well as images showing the product close up, lifestyle pictures can be a great asset when selling jewellery. Showing someone wearing the items makes it easier for the viewer to imagine themselves doing so. Jewellery lifestyle photography is about bringing some context to the products to give you another tool for your sales and marketing. I can help source models and make-up artists for lifestyle and other types of fashion shoots.

Lifestyle jewellery photography - Lily with ear stud

Creative Jewellery Photography for Advertising Images

It is important to consider the choice of background for your photos. While white may be the standard e-commerce format, it might not always be the best way to show off a particular item. Instead, darker backgrounds can add a further dimension of luxury as well as a contrast for the glistening surfaces. By being more inventive with your advertising images you can stand out as a creative brand with its own identity. Some like to use their brand colours in their jewellery photography in some form in the background. Others use the background to create lifestyle associations. You may like to be trendy and work with the Pantone colour of the year. Or, you could echo shapes or colours from the product. Props can help with more artistic images or you might introduce lifestyle associations with other items. There are many different concepts and possibilities to explore. These kind of images can draw on still life photography themes as well as fashion and other influences.

Diamond & Silver necklace Jewelery photography sample on tile background
Limit Jewellery Set - Award Winning Product Photography

Banner images are a good way to show off related products and can be especially effective for seasonal themes such as Christmas or Valentines Day. They need to be styled for the banner format so that the composition works as a letterbox shape. Including related products or related lifestyle items can help to build up a scene. 

Cufflinks Photography - Product Photography for Badger & Brown - Advertising Banner-3

Make the most of the fantastic products you sell. Don’t undervalue your work with a picture taken on your phone. Let’s explore together how we can make more of an impact with your jewellery photography. From basic E-Commerce catalogue style shots to stunning advertising images and scroll-stopping 360 spins, we can position your products firmly in the mind of potential buyers as high end and high quality.

Silver Ruby Ring
Jewellery design by Sonkai Jewellers
Jewel encrusted gold ring - Jewellery photography sample
Jewellery Photography Sample Image - Close up of watch on tile background
Amethyst Pendant Necklace on flower


I also offer award-winning watch photography of both men’s and ladies’ watches. This includes creative advertising images that are styled to create interest and convey a message as well as E-Commerce style packshots. Lighting and styling can make a big difference to the perceived value of the watch. I can create images of your products that will make them attractive, aspirational lifestyle accessories.

Vision & Time Skeleton Watch with cogs - sample watch photography for advertising
Mens watch with stones - close up watch photography

360 Jewellery Photography

360 product photography is a useful tool for selling jewellery online. It can effectively allow the customer to experience turning the item around in their hand. With interactive 360 spins, each exquisite item can be examined from many angles, increasing confidence to make the purchase. This is a great feature to use to showcase your finest pieces. Find out more about 360 jewellery photography here

If you would like to increase your sales of jewellery and watches then let’s explore new ways to show off your products with high end jewellery photography. We can create images that speak to your target market and increase sales. Please do contact me to find out more and to explore the possibilities for your business. I am an experienced jewellery photographer and have worked with hundreds of  different pieces. I understand how to light and retouch for the best results. Hire me to create image assets you can be proud of. 

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