Interior Architecture Photography

Whether you work in an award-winning architectural wonder or something more humble, it is worth making the most of one of your largest assets that is no doubt also one of your costliest. Interior architecture photography of your offices or workplace can bring a softer touch to your website by making it more personal. It can also help to give a sense of place to your business, which is particularly useful if you see yourself as a local business serving local needs. Perhaps you hire out office space or meeting rooms. In which case, make sure you attract the best clients at the best price with high quality photos. It can also help put people at ease when visiting you for meetings if they can see what the place looks like before going. For many, the first time they “visit” your business will be online. So, why not encourage them to visit your premises too? With the right photos it can look so much more inviting.

Architectural Photography - Centrum Stairway - by award-winning architectural photographer

We can show off the design and facilities in clean images. If you wish, we can also include people to give more of a sense of scale and flow to the space. The photography workflow used can retain the most accurate colours possible, even removing colour casts from tungsten lighting, for example. We will also make sure that the right equipment is used to minimise unsightly distortion, blown out windows or overly deep shadows. From offices to meeting rooms, break out spaces to communal areas, we can use interior architecture photography to tell your brand’s story and create valuable content for your digital marketing. A pre-shoot site visit will help with the planning, ensuring that the most is made of the shoot itself. It will also help you to feel confident you are in good hands.

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