CGI Product Modelling Services

Chanel No 5 Perfume with background of blocks falling CGI

There are a few reasons why CGI might be the solution to your image problems. Firstly, if you are developing a product and want to have shots to preview it or advertise  with (e.g. for crowdfunding purposes or pre-launch sales) then CGI product modelling could be the answer.

Secondly, if you like the look of contemporary high end clean product images (such as those often used in the cosmetics industry) then CGI can achieve sleeker results than traditional photography and retouching. Because all the surfaces of your product and the surrounding scene are created from scratch on the computer, they don’t need to be cleaned up and then smoothed out in Photoshop. The very clean, almost futuristic look is easily achieved using CGI.

Thirdly, complex composite images may sometimes be easier to create using CGI modelling, particularly the “floating” multiple instances look seen in images on this page. This may help make these images cheaper to create than using traditional methods.

Technic face powder CGI
Technic makeup palette CGI product model on white background
Pot of Cream with floating lid CGI product photography sample
CGI product photography of a microphone
Blue metallic faced watch CGI render
CGI Product Modelling of Chanel Lipstick
Technic Lipstick CGI product modelling with bubbles
CGI Product Modelling of Hand Cream Tubes

Combining CGI & Product Photography

Fourthly, you might want to create a scene or a background for a product photo that would be complex or expensive to build. CGI can be a useful tool for creating backgrounds and styled sets to composite a product photo into. The images of the nail polish, the red lipstick, shower gel and makeup brush below are made up of photos of the products combined with backgrounds created using CGI modelling techniques.

If you are looking for a creative solution to your marketing and advertising images then why not consider trying contemporary product photography combined with CGI?

Glitter Nail Polish product photo with CGI background
Adidas Shower Gel With CGI Bubbles
Close up of red lipstick with a CGI background
Lydia Makeup Brush with CGI background

CGI 360 Product Spins

Videos can be a very engaging form of content to get people interested in your products. Whether you are already selling your items or you are looking for crowfunding before going into production, a CGI 360 spin can be a good way to let customers see every side of the item. 

As well as offering 360 product photography of existing objects, I can create simple animations such as the one shown here using CGI. These can also be saved as gif files and posted on social media. 

The background and lighting can be changed to suit your needs. From a simple white scene similar to many ecommerce sites to something more contextual, CGI offers the possibility of customising your 360 in more ways than one produced from photos.

For something more advanced, have a look at CGI animation and the possibilities it could offer.


For a more engaging experience, I can also create interactive 360 spins of CGI models such as this one of a motorbike below:

CGI Motorbike

All images, videos & text © Joe Lenton, 2020 & 2021

If CGI is new to you then you might like to read about what it is like working with a CGI artist. Or, learn more about the CGI photography revolution.

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