Architecture Photography - Exteriors

Contemporary Domestic Architecture - Photography for Heb Homes - rear aspect of The Duckeries

Architecture photography covers two main genres: interiors and exteriors of buildings. Each has its own particular requirements. Exterior architecture photography shows off not only the architectural features of the building but also how it sits in its environment. For many architects this is a very important consideration and often features in applications for awards, showing the careful thought behind the design. Building contractors, glazing suppliers and other construction industry businesses can also benefit from showcasing their work through high quality images. My work covers both commercial buildings and residential properties.

Commercial Exteriors

Architecture Photography of The Nest in Norwich using a long exposure

Business premises are not just somewhere for companies to carry out a function. They are often bespoke designed spaces that enhance wellbeing, communicate something of the brand, make a statement and facilitate the particular tasks that the business performs. They also interact with the surrounding buildings and countryside. As one of the biggest outlays and assets a business has, it is well worth making the most of your premises and ensuring the building adds maximum value to your brand. That is where I come in.

Outdoor seating at Centrum Norwich
The Nest in Norwich - designed by Chaplin Farrant Architects
Hog Hotel viewed from the roadside with signage
Architecture Photography - view of The Nest in Norwich
Link Building at Centrum in Norwich Research Park

I take time to understand the nature of the project and what it is that we want to highlight in the images. You will gain a set of promotional photos that you can be proud of and that tell a story. Often my clients find that they see things afresh through the creative approach I take:

Jerene IrwinDirector at Chaplin Farrant Ltd
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"Thanks Joe Lenton for the excellent photos. You captured the building and spaces in unexpected ways and reminded us again why we enjoyed the project so much. A pleasure working with you."

Businesses that welcome customers to their premises can entice them to come with the right images. Hotels, restaurants, conference venues, wedding venues and more all need to capture the imagination and get people to book. In many cases it will be the photos on the internet that can make all the difference. First impressions count and images communicate very efficiently.

Centrum Building Rear Elevation with parasols

Architecture Photography for Residential Exteriors

Exterior Architectural Photography of Larch House at Sunset

For architects, home builders and others involved in constructing residential properties, having a strong portfolio is a powerful selling tool. Yes, you can explain things of course. But, it is far more effective when you can show potential clients what you can do for them. Your skills lie in creating designs and crafting buildings. Using snapshots grabbed on your phone isn’t going to do the same job as professional photos from a specialist. The technical skillset and equipment needed for high end architecture photography make it difficult to do well without a big investment in time and kit. People want to know that you can create a house that fits their lifestyle But, importantly, they also want to know that you can create a home. Show them images that they can relate to and that evoke those feelings of comfort and home that they are looking for.

Architectural Photography for Build It Magazine 2017-1
Twilight exterior view of Larch House - residential architectural photography
Architectural Photographer - Why Choose a Specialist - sample image Hanse Haus Residential Property Exterior
Architectural Photography Twilight Exterior image of Letton Hall

Twilight images can be very effective for giving a homely feel. They also show off lighting designs and give a different feel to daytime shots. Similarly to commercial exteriors, people want to see how their home would fit into the landscape. This can be an important selling point, especially for eco homes and those conscious of an important local architectural heritage that they want to fit in with (or not!). 

Contemporary Domestic Architecture - Photography for Heb Homes - long exposure front view from drive

By investing in strong images of your past work you set yourself up well for future sales. People buy what they see, so show them the best that you can offer. The marketing assets that we will create can put you in a better position when applying for industry awards. They can capture the imagination of new customers. They can inspire you for new projects. Get in touch to find out more.

Fine Art Architecture Photography

Norwich Architecture - The Sainsbury Centre Long Exposure

If you are looking for a print to celebrate a building, whether for your own display purposes or for merchandising, then do consider fine art architecture photography. This is more of an artistic rendition of a building, using techniques such as long exposures and high contrast to create more dramatic images. They can, of course, still be used as marketing and advertising photos. With the added artistic twist they are sure to stand out even more.

See also my fine art architectural photography of the UEA buildings.

Monochrome long exposure of flats along Riverside in Norwich
Letton Hall Main Entrance
Architectural Details shot of windows & claddin
The Windmill Suffolk Holiday Accommodation at Sunset

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If you require exterior architecture photography or would like to find out about having a building photographed please do click the button below and get in touch today. 

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