What to Expect when You Work With Joe - Client Process

Here is the client process that you will experience with me. Sometimes stages may be combined and for larger projects additional meetings may be required. This is the general pattern:

Initial Consultation

Where possible, this takes place face to face. Alternatively, we can meet using an online portal or speak on the telephone. At this stage you can give me a summary of the project with your needs and wants for the final outcome. Or, I can come on board earlier to be part of the design and project planning to help define the brief.

I will take time to understand your brand and how the images can best serve the business. Professional photography is a substantial and vital investment for the future of your business so we will make sure that your shoot is targeted, goal-oriented and on budget. We’re not just producing a few photos – this will be a key factor in your marketing going forwards.

The Image Audit service may remain as a consultation or lead on to developing a shoot.

Refining the Brief & Booking the Shoot

The next step is to refine the brief for the project. This will involve deciding on locations to be photographed and any personnel or props involved. We will also agree on how many images you will receive and what the usage of those images will be. By the end of this stage you will have received an estimate/quotation from me detailing the job and its outcomes along with expected expenditure. To confirm the project going ahead, you make an initial payment (normally a deposit on the photography and advances of any necessary expenses to third parties, depending on the details of the shoot). The date will go in the diary.

Preparations for the Shoot

Now I will ensure that everything is in place for the shoot. This would include, for example, booking a location, arranging for products or props to be with me in time for the shoot, booking models & makeup artists, assistants, equipment hire, etc. If there is anything that you are providing for the shoot then this is the time to confirm that everything will be in place on the day. If the shoot is weather dependent then we will check conditions will be right or re-arrange the shoot date if need be. Any final schedules for who/what will be photographed when or in what order will be compiled. Any access or personnel that you are providing will be confirmed including any security clearance needed (if appropriate). A pre-shoot checklist will help you to be confident that all is ready.

The Shoot Itself

On the shoot itself I will carry out photography to fulfil the agreed brief. I and any personnel brought in by me will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and minimise any disruption caused by the shoot. Any additional shots requested on the day will be subject to available time and resources (at my discretion) as well as additional fees. It is always best to make sure the brief is clear to avoid any last minute extras.

Selecting & Editing Images

An initial cull of images is performed by me to avoid wasting your time looking at pictures that won’t make the cut. Where agreed in the brief, some images may be submitted to you prior to retouching for you to select which you wish to move forward with. The agreed level of retouching work will be carried out to the number of images agreed for the assignment. If you discover additional images beyond the agreed number that you wish to use then these can be added at additional cost for processing and licencing. High quality professional retouching ensures that your images look right and that nothing detracts from the message. 

Delivery of Images & Licences

Your finished images will be delivered in the format(s) agreed. For digital files this is normally done using an online transfer facility with links to download the images. USB drives or DVD discs of files can be provided where requested (at additional cost). Along with your images you will receive a confirmation of your usage rights and your image license. After you have confirmed successful receipt of the files please ensure that you back them up for safe keeping. I will keep a copy of your files for at least 3 months after delivery as a backup.

Almost done


Confirming you are happy

Once you have received your images and are happy with them then it is nearly time to put them to use. First, you pay any outstanding fees to clear your account and then you are free to use your images in accordance with your license.

Job Complete


Thank you for your custom. If you would like to leave me a review then please do. Below you will find reviews from previous satisfied customers. I look forward to working with you again soon

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