360 Photography - Virtual Tours

Keep viewers on your website for longer and increase the chance of them booking with 360 photography. Virtual tours can be a good way to provide a more interactive, immersive feel to your website. Help potential customers imagine themselves into the space more easily. These interactive images allow customers to spin round through a full 360 degrees. This gives them a better feel for both rooms and outdoor spaces. The quality of the photography that goes into making the 360 spin makes a huge difference. Immersing customers in bad photography is only likely to put them off. So, ensure that you use the same high level of presentation as for your single still images.

For example, here are a couple of stills shots for advertising a lovely suite in The Norfolk Lurcher Bed & Breakfast:

Hotel or B & B accommodation photography sample bed image
Bed & Breakfast Bedroom Norfolk Lurcher-7

These images do a good job of telling you a lot about the room. However, you can go a step further with a 360 and let them understand how it all fits together:

The virtual tour above was created using 360 photography with specialised equipment. Along with a high standard of image processing, this helps to give a really polished look. The control panel enables viewers to choose which way to spin or for it to rotate automatically. There is also a fullscreen option for an even more immersive feel.

We can include virtual tours as part of your package or they can be created separately. They are particularly suited to businesses in the hospitality industry. So, hotels restaurants and pubs, for example can benefit greatly from adding this feature to a website. In fact, anyone who wants to show off a space can benefit. Stand out from other architects or interior designers, for example with great architectural photography. People buy what they see; so make sure it looks great!

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