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3D architectural visualisation - erial View of a Garden Building

3D architectural visualisations are powerful tools to help your customers to picture the final results. Whether you are designing an extension or a new build, CGI renders can help drawings come to life and make it easier for clients to make a commitment. I convert your architectural drawings to 3D models which I then texture with realistic materials and light ready to make very photorealistic, believable renders. If your clients find it difficult to visualise floorplans then a 3D floorplan like the one below can be helpful. We can even add furniture models to rooms to make things even easier for them. Similarly, I can do both day and night renders with different lighting, simulating both natural and artificial light. Take a look at the daytime/night sliding image below for an example.

basic 3d floorplan visualisation3d floorplan visualisation with basic furniture
Garden Building daytime renderGarden Building at Night 3d render

Realistic plants, trees and other features help plans for building projects to feel more concrete and less abstract. As well as being good for those commissioning the designs, 3D architectural visualisations can help with planning. They can help reassure other parties of the intended look. Removing confusion and concerns about how it will look can help to ease the minds of those who might otherwise be inclined to object. CGI 3D visualisations are a great way to help ensure that everyone is realistic about the outcome and not struggling to imagine how the finished project will turn out. 

3d architectural visualisation of a modern house exterior
CGI brick house exterior architectural visualisation

Once your project has been completed, I can also take care of your architectural photography needs to make sure that you can show off your work at its best in your portfolio. If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch using the button below. I am very happy to have a free, no-obligation chat with you to see how I might be able to help you.

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