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Wine Photography - White Wine with splash-2

The type of images used to advertise wine help us to build an impression of value and price. Simply allowing wine photography to fall into the category of white background product photography will tend to lower expectations. White background shots can appear very generic and do the wine few favours if it is something more luxurious or classy. Instead, we can style a shot that says something more.

White Wine with glass of wine and grapes on green background

Dark backgrounds can afford a sense of elegance and refinement, for example. Studio photoshoots make it much easier to control reflections in the glass. This enables us to produce much cleaner shots with fewer distractions and again a higher sense of value. Sometimes a still life scene will be very suitable for photographing wine. It can be relatively straightforward to create lifestyle associations in the customer’s mind by bringing other suitable items into the scene.

Splashes or sloshes in the glass (e.g. see image at the top of the page) can introduce a more relaxed or fun element. The dynamic nature of splash images helps to draw attention and stand out from plainer images.

Red Wine Pouring Shot - award winning photography by Joe Lenton
Wine Photography - Red Wine Bottle Saint Andre

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Let us help your products to look their best. If you are after something more than generic shots then we can plan a shoot to suit your needs and tell your story powerfully. Wines can be shot in the studio or on location depending on the look you are after. Get in touch to discuss.

I also offer other forms of drink photography including beer photography. Please enquire for details.

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