Industrial Photography & Construction Photography

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography - arc welding dramatic shot

Industrial photography covers manufacturing and industrial processes prior to the completion of a product. It is an opportunity to document the story behind a product and to show off your skills and machinery. Subjects covered could include craftsmen at work in their workshops, mass production machinery, raw materials, product testing and more. People like to know the manufacturing process behind a product. It also helps them to appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into its completion. Care has to be taken when photographing activities such as welding and angle grinding. So, choose a photographer who has experience of doing so safely.

Construction Photography

construction workers

Whether your project is in its early stages or mid-build I can work with you to document the process. I can record the phases of construction, equipment at work and the interaction with the environment. Images could be used for press releases, promoting your business, websites & social media, for example. I understand the nature of working on a building site and will ensure that any photography is carried out safely. I can, of course, also provide images of the finished construction. Whether you are undergoing a self-build or you are a large scale housing company, we can work together to ensure you have great images to document your project.

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