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Norwich Architecture -UEA Ziggurat & Sainsbury Centre

Norwich Architecture - UEA Ziggurat long exposure

Norwich architecture is very varied with ancient and modern in close proximity. The University of East Anglia (or UEA) is home to some very interesting buildings. The UEA buildings are examples of modern architecture that have become iconic parts of the Norfolk landscape. In fact, the “Ziggurat” student accommodation blocks featured in these photos have protected listed status.

Univeristy of East Anglia student accommodation
UEA Ziggurat long exposure with leading lines
UEA student accommodation long exposure

Reminiscent of ancient pyramids, the Ziggurat buildings overlook the UEA broad. They feel like they are making a bold statement so it seemed natural to me to work with and enhance that sense of drama. In the images featured here I have used an ultra wide angle lens to accentuate the perspective and a long exposure to add a more moody and artistic feel to the sky.

UEA Broad sunset long exposure
Close up architectural monochrome image of UEA Ziggurat

The UEA Ziggurat buildings have a large metal sculpture in front of them that despite its size is dwarfed by the architecture. They are also very close to another iconic piece of Norwich architecture, namely the Sainsbury Centre.

UEA Ziggurats monochrome long exposure
UEA Ziggurat long exposure architectural photography

The Sainsbury Centre

The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts looks a little like an aircraft hanger when seen from a distance. It is home to some permanent exhibitions as well as hosting visiting artwork. It recently came to even wider attention thanks to featuring in The Avengers movie. So, despite being decades old, the architecture still has a futuristic look.

As you can see from the above image, outdoor art installations are also on display at The Sainsbury Centre. With the extensive grounds of the UEA right on the doorstep, it is well worth a visit and a wander around the broad.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts UEA Norwich
Norwich Architecture - The Sainsbury Centre Long Exposure

© Joe Lenton, August 2019

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