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Staff Portraits – Norwich Research Park

Staff Portaits & Headshots

If your business has its own website then staff portraits are an important section to include. It can help customers to connect more with your business as they see it as personal, connecting with the faces and people rather than just an entity. We can provide you with high quality staff portraits of your executives and other members of staff. Our preference is to visit you on location and use something of the work environment to create the images. This ensures that your photos are unique and embedded in your brand rather than being generic studio shots. The images on this page were taken at Centrum at the Norwich Research Park. They illustrate something of the unique architecture and atmosphere of the Centrum building where these two men work.

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We can take your portraits or headshots outdoors or indoors at a location that suits you. This could be at your factory, office, retail outlet or elsewhere. If you prefer a more plain look then we can arrange headshots to be taken using a plain background. This can be done in a studio or on location with our portable kit. Either way, please speak to us about what you would like to achieve. If you require any advice on location, colour schemes or how to make the most of your images please do get in touch.

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