Civil Engineering & Construction with J N Bentley

In June 2017 J N Bentley commissioned a shoot to document civil engineering & construction projects at the Constructionarium at the National Construction College in Bircham Newton, Norfolk. Students from the University of Leeds worked in 3 teams, each tasked with a separate building project. Over the course of a week, Joe documented the various stages of the projects from action shots to planning meetings and more. Here is a brief selection of images showing the work on site:

The students were responsible for planning the work and delegating tasks:

Civil Engineering Students planning their project

Heavy plant machinery helped complete the bigger tasks:

Reinforcement rods tied in a grid ready to go in concrete Crane lifting concrete structure on building site

Bentley staff worked alongside the students, assisting in the more difficult aspects:

Bentley supervisor and students

Students worked with a range of tools and powertools:

Construction student using a hammer Construction student using a circular saw Sparks flying as a student saws through reinforcing rods

Pouring concrete:

Construction student guiding concrete pour into shuttering

Using surveying equipment to ensure an accurate build:

Civil Engineering student using theodolite on construction site

© Joe Lenton, June 2017

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