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Headshots – Business Portraits

Headshots are an important part of anyone’s personal brand these days. Social media and websites are expected to show images of us so that people can begin to connect with the person behind the profile. Business portraits are often a little different to other types of portrait photography. Images must be able to fit within a square crop or even circular crop so that they can function as avatar images. They are designed to show that the person is professional. Sometimes, it can be a good idea to incorporate aspects of branding into headshots. That might be your personal brand or that of your current organisation, depending on your needs. This portfolio shows a range of headshots that I have created for professionals. Some are entrepreneurs, others work for larger companies and organisations. All have been created with their own look to suit the needs of the client.

Each of these images was created in the studio. Some had extra details added to the background in Photoshop:

The following images were all taken on location. The idea was to include something of the individual’s workplace to help with their personal branding.


Whether in the studio, on location indoors or outdoors I can create business portraits for you that will be high quality images that convey something about yourself and your brand.

If you need a new headshot or would like to explore having staff portraits that incorporate your branding, please do get in touch.

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