Luxury Property Photography – The Windmill Suffolk

The Windmill Suffolk Exterior at Sunset

Luxury property photography is all about showing off! If you have luxury accommodation on offer then you really need to sell it and make people want to visit. To be a high end hospitality business and have high paying customers you have to be willing to invest in the right look and feel for your premises and also in the right images to help you stand out from the crowd. There is not point in spending many thousands on getting your rooms right and then trying to cut corners with the photos. It is vital for the future of your business that you get the right photographer for the job.

Luxury Property Photography - The Windmill Suffolk - Luxury Champagne & Cake package

This type of shoot works best with careful planning. You need to think through what needs to be shown in terms of details and of the wider spaces. The first step is to think about what assets and unique selling points you have. Then we can plan how to show them off.

Luxury Property Photography - The Windmill Suffolk top floor lounge

The images in this post were all taken at The Windmill Suffolk. Being a converted windmill it has plenty of unusual features compared to other holiday cottage properties. One of the key spaces to show off was the lounge at the top. It is a beautiful wood panelled room with a seat by a viewing window looking out over the countryside. So, we had to make sure there was at least one good shot of each of these aspects as these features are key selling points for them.

View from the top of The Windmill Suffolk
Bedroom in The Windmill Suffolk luxury holiday accommodation

The owners have decorated and fitted out the property in a modern style. They also incorporated a fashionable architectural feature of bifold doors leading out to the rear garden. This helps connect the inside and outside spaces, so again this was a feature that needed to be shown. 

Luxury Property Photography - The Windmill Suffolk connection between indoor and outdoor space
Kitchen at The Windmill Suffolk self catering accommodation

See more of the set of images taken for The Windmill Suffolk in this slideshow video:

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