Makeup Product Photography – Urban Decay Cosmetics

These images were taken to accompany a makeup product review by a professional makeup artist. Charlie Long reviewed this set of cosmetic products from Urban Decay for Iceni Magazine and Bounce Magazine. There were 2 sets of makeup products to review and photograph. The first was a themed box set. The second was a set of lipsticks. These were all photographed in the studio with a clean background to make them stand out more. The magazines both featured the two images below along with Charlie’s review.

Makeup boxed set:

Makeup Product Photography - Urban Decay Cosmetics-1

Urban Decay lipsticks:

Makeup Product Photography - Urban Decay Cosmetics

For more examples of cosmetics photos take a look at this set of images of Focallure face powder and some examples of cosmetic products rendered using CGI. If you require high quality product photography of any kind please get in touch.

All images © Joe Lenton, 2016


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