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Cosmetic product photography is an important part of professional product photography for photographers in the fashion products industry. People spend enormous amounts worldwide on cosmetics each year. So, in order for brands to compete for a slice of this lucrative pie they need to stand out. It is important to find ways of presenting the product that make it look appealing and luxurious. At the high end of the market it should create a feeling of aspiration for consumers. Other areas of the market will be looking to find ways to communicate value as strongly as possible.

If you don’t have a particular household name attached to your brand or something that marks you out as different (such as the approach of the Body Shop, for example), then you may need to be more creative to corner your section of the marketplace. I recently acquired a budget priced face powder from an online retailer. The packaging and design are trying to raise the customer’s expectations above it being a cheap brand and then delivering on the sense of value when you discover the price. So, I decided to produce a series of images that would work in sympathy with these aims. I constructed some images that would show off the packaging and design in a way that could make it look more high end and contribute to the sense of value for the consumer.

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The different layouts allow for slightly different shaped final images and provide variation on the theme. These types of images should work well for advertising or editorial, raising the bar above the usual on white catalogue shot. Moreover, I experimented with other techniques to produce something eye-catching and playful that might potentially reveal another side to the brand.

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Cosmetic Product Photography - Face Powder-1

With this set of cosmetic product photos we are able to give the Focallure Face powder an exciting and more luxurious feel that could lead the customer to a sense of delight when they discover that it is priced at the budget end. Although this was just a sample case study rather than a commissioned job, I hope you can see how the product has been enhanced through careful styling and photography. These images are indicative of some of the kinds of results we can achieve for your products and your business.

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You might like to read more in our earlier post about how you can raise your product’s values in the customer’s estimation using high quality product photography. Cosmetic product photography as with other areas of product photography can be explored creatively so that you can position your product in the market and stand out from the competition. Whilst you may find that catalogue style shots on a white background are fine for shopping sections of websites, you may like to control your customer’s perceptions of your product more carefully with key stand out shots both online and in print.

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