Charity Fundraising Swim for MSF with NCFC Footballer


This story started with Barbara Reed of Breed Events embarking on a swimming challenge to raise money for MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres). Over a period of several weeks Barbara would swim the distance of crossing the English Channel. Norwich Sportspark at the UEA sponsored her by providing her free access to the pool for her swims. To promote her challenge and help bring sponsors in, I worked with Barbara at the beginning to create some promotional images including those featured below.





Barbara is Swiss and decided to try contacting Swiss international footballer Timm Klose who plays for NCFC (where Barbara holds a season ticket). He very kindly agreed to join Barbara for a few lengths to support her in her challenge and to help raise funds for MSF. The photograph at the top of this page was one of those taken during this session at the Sportspark pool. Kate White of FrontPage Media briefly interviewed Timm and wrote up a press release about the event. The image below was selected to be printed with the press release in the EDP and Eastern Evening News. Other images feature in the online edition (see links).


It has been a pleasure working with Barbara and Kate. It was also lovely meeting Timm and the player liaison officer from NCFC. I look forward to photographing Barbara’s final session and end celebration in December.

© Joe Lenton, November 2016

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