Product Photography – Food & Drink demos

You’ve spent hours dreaming up, planning and creating your product – what next? How will you get it noticed? High quality images go a long way towards drawing in the right customers for you. You don’t want your precious ideas to be left on the shelf. You want to stand out and create a brand that customers will love. Product Photography done well is so much more than a mere catalogue of your product(s). It is an opportunity to showcase what you have created and to create lifestyle associations in the minds of potential clients. This is where we can help. Just as you pride yourself on your product(s) we pride ourselves on crafting top quality photos that enhance brands.


The images on this page are a series of non-commissioned product photography images depicting food and drink. These are designed to be illustrative of the types of images we can achieve for you and your products. These images were all created in our studio in Mattishall, Norfolk. We can help to bring a creative twist to your product advertising images that will help you to stand out and win business.

If you like a simple, contemporary design then we can offer you standard product shots such as these:

product photography food drink 1

We can also help to style scenes to give your products a classic still life feel, which is also suitable for food and drink magazines or recipe books, for example:



product photography food drink 10

product photography food drink 9

Alternatively, you might like our more dynamic product photography, including splashes and special effects:



product photography food drink 4

product photography food drink 5


Or, you might be interested in something a little different in a modern, minimalist style:

product photography food drink 6

product photography food drink 7

product photography food drink 8

We can offer a variety of styles to suit your product. Our images best suit those who are looking for a high end feel for their product. We can help create lifestyle associations with your products and give a premium look that raises customer expectations. All projects are bespoke, designed to meet your brief. Photography and image editing are charged at our day rate, or part thereof.

We also photograph other products in addition to food and drinks. For example, here is a jewellery shot:


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