Add value with high quality commercial product photography

If you want your customers to be willing to part with good money for your products then you need to make your advertising images visually appealing. You can add value with high quality commercial product photography. An item can look like it is worth just a few pounds if it is photographed badly. However, even a cheap item can be made to look expensive and feel luxurious if you use high quality product photography. For example, take a look at the watch pictured below and give an estimate of its value.

Add value with high quality product photography - watch & bracelet

The photo suggests that it could well be gold and it looks like a luxury item. The lighting makes it shine and look elegant. The background is clean and neat with a soft gradient colour that enhances the mood. So, is this a product shot for a high end jewellery shop? No, actually this is an item I picked up in a charity shop. It cost £5. Hopefully you will have got the impression from the photo that it is worth much more than that. Similarly, here is another cheap item of costume jewellery purchased at a charity shop that I decided to try and make look high end:

Add value with high quality product photography - heart bracelet with red splash

Likewise, I bought a couple of very cheap cosmetic products by budget brands and transformed their appeal with high end product photography:

Add value with high quality product photography - Focallure Cosmetic Powder

Add value with high quality product photography - Red Nail Polish Splash

A photo is not “just” a photo. It can communicate a lot of information very quickly. It is important for your branding that you ensure that potential customers get the right impression. Even if you are selling cheap, budget end products it is worth creating a sense of something better. The customer is then going to be convinced they have got a bargain. If they see something that looks like it should be more expensive then they will more readily part with their cash. So, make sure that you add value with high quality product photography instead of risking cheapening your products with sloppy or below-par images. This is even more important with high value items. Take a look at my jewelry photography, for example.

If you would like to discuss creating high end product photos for your business please get in touch.

© Joe Lenton, Jan 2017

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