Special Effects for Advertising

Glass shattering special effect advertising image of a microphone

Advertising photography demands a specialist skill set to help your business get noticed. We are surrounded by images these days, so how can you make people stop and take another look instead of moving on? The answer lies in creative high quality images. If you can present something different that doesn’t simply blend in with the crowd then your potential customers are more likely to see your adverts. Whether in print or online, images need to make a rapid, powerful impact or risk being flicked past and ignored.

Advertising image using coloured smoke effect

One way of drawing attention is by using eye-catching special effects. Our advertising photography services include the option of using techniques such as high speed photography and compositing in order to create more dynamic images. Most of the images featured on this page were shot using special effects in-camera. We can also create interesting effects by creating a composite image, for example:

Argan Oil Shampoo image with billowing cloud special effect

Carefully refined lighting techniques and the creative use of reflections can also elevate an image to a new level:

Special Effects Advertising Photography-11

Splashes are becoming a feature of high end advertising photography. You too could benefit from the dynamism that they create.

Splash effect with nail polish - sample of special effect photography
Special Effects Advertising Photography- underwater splash
Drinks Photography - cocktail glass with splash

Images like these can work well for printed adverts in magazines or online in digital format. Why not have a jaw-dropping large image on your website homepage? Even in your day to day social media posting, better quality images will help you stand out and get your posts seen and clicked on instead of being bypassed.

Underwater product photography with coloured clouds special effects

The techniques you see in the images on this page are powerful ways of differentiating yourself from your competition. If your competitors are only using catalogue style shots with the product on a plain white background (packshot photography) then you will clearly gain an edge by doing something more exciting.

Beer Photography - Peroni Doppio Malto

Yes these images are more expensive than basic shots but they bring great value and greatly increased impact. If your competitors are posting shots taken themselves, perhaps even on their phone, then you can rise head and shoulders above them by commissioning professional advertising photography. Please do get in touch if you would like to explore the possibilities for your business.

Clea perfume bottle with coloured bokeh - demo of an advertising photography special effect

To see more sample images please do look at our product photography portfolio.

Special Effects Advertising Photography - pendant with splash

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