Furniture Photography – Serene Furnishings

Furniture Photography - Serene Furnishings at Cosy in Thetford-1

I was recently commissioned to undertake furniture photography for Serene Furnishings. The new chair display at Cosy Carpets & Comfy Beds in Thetford has just been installed and needed to be photographed for a brochure due to be released soon. A lot of thought had already gone into how to light the display, so I decided not to use flash. Each chair was highlighted by its own spotlight and the whole display has a bright, chic feel to it. So, I felt the photograph should reflect this and look bright, smart and appealing. In order to retain as much detail as possible for processing I shot bracketed exposures which were then compiled into an HDR image.

Furniture Photography - Serene Furnishings at Cosy in Thetford-2

The second furniture display to be photographed was this dining set of table and chairs. We used a dynamic angle to show off as much of the table and chairs as possible. Furniture photography is often most successful when the viewer can more readily picture it in a home setting. So, we cleared an area of the store to create a more homely feel. Pictures on the wall and a light stand nearby added to the sense of home styling. This image was also created using an HDR composite image from bracketed exposures. A range of different images with different crops were created to enable flexibility as to how this dining set would be showcased in the brochure.

Great care was taken not to introduce large amounts of distortion with the wideangle lens when shooting. As usual, all images have been retouched to the highest professional standards using various techniques in Photoshop and utilising a few select plugins.

© Joe Lenton, February 2017


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