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Product photography - brochures, business cards - SJD-5

Steve Jenkins from SJD commissioned me to produce a set of high quality images showcasing aspects of his design work. The images would form an important part of his revamped website and needed to show various aspects of Steve’s branding and design portfolio. This involved photographing brochures, business cards and other marketing materials. We went for a consistent style of presentation and a consistent aspect ratio to images to enable the portfolio to look coherent.

Product photography - brochures, business cards - SJD-2

We chose to work using a black background to show off the vibrance of the colours and help the design work to come across clearly. A reflective black Perspex surface was used to add an extra dimension to the images with reflections. Lighting was kept simple to ensure that it didn’t interfere with the presentation of Steve’s designs. Similarly, a larger depth of field was used to ensure that there wasn’t any intrusive blurring of the objects.

Product photography - brochures, business cards - SJD-4

To add greater interest to the compositions, elements were arranged to enable a more three dimensional feel. Props were used to allow products to stand out and give a sense of depth. All images were carefully retouched to ensure a completely polished finish with no distractions.

Product photography - brochures, business cards - SJD-3

These images and others from the final set can be seen at Steve Jenkins Design (SJD) website :

Please also take a look at my product photography portfolio for more of my work.

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