Powalite ECO – product photography for ELFA

The Powalite ECO is a newly launched mobile lighting system from ELFA. I was approached via a recommendation to photograph this new product for them. They wanted a clean white background for the images and to show the full height possible when set up. This meant hiring a large studio in Norwich (Savoir Faire Studios) in order to get over 4 metres headroom to accommodate the fully extended mast. The pure white infinity cove there would also give us plenty of help creating the clean look ELFA were after.

Behind the Scenes Powalite ECO shoot
Behind the scenes at the Powalite ECO shoot

Shots were taken of the Powalite ECO in its compact form for transport and then in gradual stages of being set up for use. This included the stabilising legs that hold it still, adding the light to the top of the mast and then extending the mast.

Powalite ECO product photography-1

Powalite ECO product photography-5

Powalite ECO product photography-2

Powalite ECO product photography-3

After completing the shots of the unit as a whole from a variety of angles we also did close ups of key areas. This included illustrating features as well as being prepared with images needed for the forthcoming instruction manual. Lighting was adjusted for each individual shot to ensure clarity. Details were shot using a macro lens where needed.

Powalite ECO product photography-4

Powalite ECO product photography-6

Powalite ECO product photography-7

Powalite ECO product photography-8

All shots were carefully retouched to a professional standard after the shoot to ensure a consistently high quality look. I would always recommend having product photography retouched to give you the best possible finish. (See my article on the importance of retouching for product photography)

The Powalite ECO is designed to be mobile and quick to set up and pack away. So, I was also commissioned to produce a timelapse sequence showing it being wheeled in, set up and then packed away and wheeled off. The sequence was shot using constant lighting to enable it to be done more quickly and without having to keep moving the lights around.


Images featured are sample final images from the shoot with the Powalite ECO. Photography and retouching by Joe Lenton.

© Joe Lenton, May 2017

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