2018 Highlights

This year I have once again had the privilege of working with a wide variety of businesses and people. I’ve brought together some of my favourite moments in this 2018 highlights video. 2018 marked a shift in my work. I have gradually moved towards focussing on more architectural photography and less event photography. It is a specialist area requiring particular skills and a lot of care to produce quality work. This suits my temperament and skill-set well and is something I’ve come to enjoy a lot. I successfully passed my assessment to become an Associate of the Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers (ASICIP) with a specialist panel of interior architectural photography. I have also undertaken additional training to push my retouching skills to the highest levels. It is very important to me that each year I am able to bring every improving services to my clients. Thank you to all those I’ve worked with. I look forward to creating some special images in 2019.

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