Night Time Architectural Photography

Twilight Photography of your Premises-3

Night time architectural photography is a good way to make the most of the character of your building and lighting. The deepening blue sky after sunset goes well with warm lighting. Particularly if you run a restaurant or hotel, many of your clients may be coming to you in the evenings. So, twilight images help to give that evening feel and create a sense of a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

If you have large windows looking out onto the high street then it is a great opportunity to show angles looking into your premises with its evening lighting on. There is no point in having blown out windows on your photos. I think it is important to link the outside and inside with carefully balanced lighting and merged exposures. This is the skill of night time architectural photography.

Twilight Photography - front of Loch Fyne restaurant in Norwich
Twilight photo of Elm Hill in Norwich

One option open to you for evening shots is to have light trails. These can be effective for certain locations and add an extra layer of interest. They are easier to achieve and seem to make more sense for properties in the city but that isn’t to say that you can’t do something similar with a rural building.

Twilight Photography of your Premises-4

All types of building can benefit from twilight photography. Whether you run a retail establishment, are in the hospitality industry or care for a local landmark, twilight photos create an atmospheric portrait of all kinds of architecture. It is one of my favourite types of architectural photography.

Twilight Photography of your Premises-2
Larch House - Residential Architectural Photography-7
Twilight image of bookshop in Norwich
Letton Hall Twilight Photo

All images © Joe Lenton, 2019

If you would like to explore having an evening shot of your premises please do get in touch for a no-obligation conversation. We can explore shooting at sunrise, sunset, twilight and even into the night. 

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