MS Therapy Centre Norfolk

The MS Therapy Centre Norfolk is based near the airport in Norwich. They offer a variety of services to support those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. MS produces a wide range of symptoms and to varying degrees. This is reflected in the diverse range of facilities and therapies on offer here. I photographed a representative sample of rooms, so what you see here is not the site in its entirety. However, they should give you a good feel for the centre.

The first images are from one of the counselling rooms. Talking therapies can be very valuable for a number of reasons. Making the mental adaptations to living with MS can be extremely difficult. So, counselling in a welcoming environment is very important. As you can see, a lot of thought has gone into designing this particular room.

MS Therapy Centre Norfolk - Counselling Room-1
MS Therapy Centre Norfolk Counselling Room 2

The next 3 images show aspects of some of the therapy / treatment rooms. Many different practitioners offer their services on site using these treament rooms.

MS Therapy Centre Norfolk - Therapy Room close up
MS Therapy Centre Norfolk - Therapy Room-3
MS Therapy Centre Norfolk Treatment Room

The MS Therapy Centre also has larger spaces as well as the small rooms. These can be hired out, providing some income support to the centre. These images show the larger of the meeting rooms. It is a bright space with extra light coming in through roof lights in the ceiling.

MS Therapy Centre Norfolk - Meeting Room-1
MS Therapy Centre Norfolk Large Meeting Room viewed from back corner

To give you more of a feel for the large meeting room, here is a 360 view. You can spin around the whole room to get a better idea of its size.

The reception area and physiotherapy room feature in the video tour below. There are also additional images of other rooms not shown above. Please do take a couple of minutes to see what is on offer. There is music to accompany the video.

To visit the MS Therapy Centre’s own website please click on the logo:

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