Bathroom Photography

Bathroom Photography - Panoramic image of Windmill Suffolk bathroom

To help you sell interior spaces I offer bathroom photography that conveys the details and feel of the space to prospective clients. Whether you are renting out a property, offering hotel suites or installing or manufacturing bathrooms it is important to make this important room look as appealing as possible. It can be more difficult to photograph bathrooms, especially when they are quite small. Features can easily end up looking distorted and the contrast in lighting can be tricky to balance. Let me take the stress out of getting these images using my specialist knowledge and equipment to produce great results.

Shower & Sinks in Bathroom
Bathroom at Hogs Head Hotel in Suffolk

If you have spent a great deal of time, effort and money getting the bathroom to look right then you need photos that will do it justice and help you get a great return on your investment. As well as images that show the room as a whole, I will also look out for important details, key design elements and luxurious fixtures. A combination of wide images and close ups can help tell a fuller story and draw potential customers to features that you want them to notice.

Close up of taps on sink - Bathroom Photography by Joe Lenton
Jacuzzi Bath close up photo
Ensuite Bathroom - hospitality photography at Felbrigg Lodge

Sometimes it can be helpful to show the connection between a bathroom and the adjoining room, especially for hotel ensuites. 

Bathroom photography showing ensuite link to hotel room

For simple property rentals and sales it may be sufficient to show just one image of the basic bathroom setup, giving a feel for the space and the natural light available.

Simple bathroom from a rental property

High end hotels and bathroom designs need images that show off what is unique about the space. From murals on the walls to marble tiling and wooden floors, all the textures and colours need to be brought out clearly for customers to see. 

Luxury hotel bathroom with mural painted on wall
Luxury bathroom at St Giles House Hotel in Norwich

Bathroom photography can be undertaken as a specific commission or as part of a hospitality photography package for a hotel or B&B, for example. Please do take a look at my hotel photography portfolio and my other architectural photography services.

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If you would like help photographing interiors or with bathroom photography specifically then please do get in touch for a no obligation conversation.

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