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Makeup Product Photo - Red Lipstick with smear

Makeup product photography has connections with fashion photography. Styles can change and it is important for the images to have impact in the current climate. At the moment, splashes are one of the creative elements commonly used to add some dynamism and perhaps a bit of fun to an image. 

Also popular are clean images on a white background, giving an almost clinical feel. Overhead shots of product sets, such as the makeup kit image below, can work well for Instagram and elsewhere.

Technic red nail varnish with splash
Technic Makeup Kit overhead product shot

Although e-commerce sections of websites can look fine with simple images of products on a white background, for advertising purposes something more striking often has a better effect. Getting people to stop and look rather than flicking on past is important if you are going to spend money on adverts or online content. Specialist makeup product photography uses aspects of colour theory, special effects, strong composition and more to show off the products in an eye-catching and effective way. 

Makeup product photography sample - Technic Face Powder
Makeup brushes with face powder in the air on black background

Another option for advertising makeup is CGI. It can be easier to achieve a super clean look as well as floating product images. The images below show some simple examples of how CGI can be used for product images. 

Technic makeup palette CGI product model on white background
Technic face powder CGI

CGI can also be used to create more complex scenes and effects such as those in the images below. This gives a wide range of possibilities and opens up the creative choices further than would be possible just using photography. The two can, of course, be combined as well as in the final image (see further examples of combined photography & CGI here). 

Technic Lipstick CGI product modelling with bubbles
Technic face powder CGI sample for makeup advertising
Rimmel Lipstick with CGI cylinders

Creative artwork can make all the difference in getting your products noticed in a competitive marketplace. Images are able to communicate and connect rapidly and powerfully (read more here). Please do get in touch to discuss how we can show off your brand and get people to buy your products. 

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